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Bad Soil parameters like soil pH, Pond Bottom pollution, Bound Nutrients like Phosphorous in the soil, Presenceof Pollutants, Pathogens, obnoxious Gases like H2S, Ammonia will affect the survival and growth of the inhabitant (Prawn & Fish).

Bad water parameters like pH, Salinity, Hardness, Supended Solids, Dissolved Solids, Turibidity, Algal Blooms,Heavy metails, Pesticides, Lack of vailable N, P and K, Lack of available Minerals, Lack of D O, Presence of Pollutants, Pathogens, presence of hazardous gases etc will hamper the growth and survival of the inhabitant.

In order to with stand the high stocking densities in Litopenaeus vannamei production (hatcheries and pondgrow-out) and related stress situations,directly fed probiotics and water medium probiotics are a promising solutionto have a sustained penaeus vannamel culture by improving survival rate, enhancing immunity, improving FCR andstimulation the body weight gain of the vannamei. W.S.P is a blend of probiotic formulation specially designed to maintain ahealthynvironment in aquaculture pond.

W.S.P contains natural and highly beneficial microorganisms well suited to the aquatic environment.The probiotics in WSP are selected based on their superior probiotic features and ability to biodegrade complex organic wastes and remove toxic contaminants from pond water during intensive aquaculture farming.W.S.P stabilizes water quality, improves pond bottom quality and supports the gut health of fish and shrimp, thereby improvingperformance and efficiency in production.Probiotics and enzymes present in W.S.P can effectively prevent pathogenic bacterial diseases. Thus W.S.P can result in reducing mortality and in giving the highest survival rate with the fastest growth rate.


W.S.P Strains are adaptable to different pH and Salinity conditions.
W.S.P Removes organic load of pond bottom and reduces the pollution of the pond.
W.S.P Reduces ammonia levels.
W.S.P Inhibits vibrio & other pathogenic bacteria and reduces bacterial toxins in the pond.
W.S.P Ensures healthy environment for the Prawn, Fish & Shrimp by reducing BOD and increasing DO levels.
W.S.P Improves water quality & Reduces the frequency of water exchange.
W.S.P Reduces the mortality rate of Prawn, Fish & Shrimp.
W.S.P Improves growth and health performance
W.S.P Reduces pond bottom sludge.

Dosage :

500 gm per Hectare Or as directed by the Aqua culture consultant
Presentation : 500 gms.

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