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GUT-PRO is a blend of selective strains of microbes isolated from the healthy stock of Shrimp.

GUT-PRO ensures the need of modern day consumers for sustainability, safety of farmed products. This 100% natural, bio degradable, non-antibiotic growth promoter complies the best management practice being implemented worldwide.


GUT-PRO improves gut function & keeps the gut healthy by implanting beneficial bacteria in the gut and prevents white Gut disease.
GUT-PRO prevents & controls the growth of pathogenic bacteria and protects against pathogens like clostridia, E.Coli, Salmonella and vibrio species.
GUT-PRO increases Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and survival of Pls.
GUT-PRO strengthens host defense mechanism by immune modulatory effect.


3 to 5 gm per Kg. Feed. Or as directed by the Aqua culture consultant
Presentation : 500 gms.

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