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BIO MIN FORTE : Is a powder blend of Herbal macro & Micro minerals, beneficial, bacteria, Activated carbon, and Zeolite. Which can be used for maintaining stable algal blooms in the pond, High concentrated minerals and probiotic bacteria helps in mineralization of the aquatic pond soil. Maintain a healthy environment by virtue of its ability to biodegrade complex organic wastes, removes toxic contaminants by enriching the soil and water.


Induces faster for maintaining stable algal bloom in the pond and keeps away majority of the problems in the aqua culture pond management
Improves the uptake of nutrients and their retention in the soil and suppresses the harmful effects of soil acidity
Oxidizes ammonia and hydrogen sulphide and maintains high water quality and an ideal environment for shrimp/fish to grow
Rejuventes the pond bottom,restore its productivity and nourishes phytoplankton and zooplanktons.
Dosage : 5 kg to 15kgs per acre Or as directed by the Aqua culture consultant
Presentation : 10 kgs

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