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LIQUID-PS Pond water & bottom pollution are one of the foremost causes of poor yields  in prawn farming. Dead, decaying & putrefying organic substances at the pond bottom instigate pond water and bottom pollution. Among the chief pollutants in this process is the  release of hydrogen sulphide gas. The discharge of Hydrogen sulphide radically drops levels of dissolved oxygen in the pond water, suffocating the shrimp in the polluted water. LIQUID-PS is a blend of probiotic bacterial species - Multi strain bacteria. These probiotic bacteria display broad metabolic diversity and an array of unique enzymatic capabilities of considerable environmental and biotechnological importance. These species are well suited for bioremediation due to their capacity for long-term  survival in soil & their exceptional ability to degrade hydrophobic pollutants.Multi strain bacteria in LIQUID-PS*biologically disengage pollutant hydrogen  sulphide into its' salts, which are not harmful to prawn growth. Reduction of pollution within the pond bottom decreases the biological oxygen  demand within the pond ecosystem. Promotes the occurrence of nonpathogenic bacteria over pathogenic types Control of pollution, secures aerobic conditions at the pond bottom, which results in vigorous growth of shrimp. Digest the unused organic substances including proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Farmer is assured of a disease free, vastly enhanced shrimp growth rate.


LIQUID-PS Reduces the pollution in water and  pond bottom.
LIQUID-PS Reduces the growth of the risky pathogenic micro-organism in the pond and maintains a healthy Eco system
LIQUID-PS Reduces the B.O.D and improves  the harvest yield.
   LIQUID-PS ensures faster & better growth of  shrimp and fish.
  LIQUID-PS is a very easily spreadable liquid.
  LIQUID-PS is effective in wide range of PH  and salinity

Composition: Multi strain bacteria - 3x109 cfu /1ml.

Dosage    : Shrimp : 2 litre  per acre (every week)    Fish : 1 litre  per acre (Once in 15 days)
(Or as adviced by aqua culture consultant)
Presentation : 20 lts

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