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Shrimp aquaculture industry is beset by disease, mostly due to bacteria (especially the luminous Vibrio harveyi) and viruses. Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide It is caused by gram-negative,motile, facultative anaerobic bacteria of the family Vibrionaceae.

It is ubiquitous throughout the world and all marine crustaceans, including shrimp, are susceptible. Vibrio species are the eminent microorganisms in the marine environment and usually constitute the majority in the normal micro flora of farmed and wild panaeid shrimp.

They become opportunistic pathogens when the natural defense mechanisms are suppressed. In intensive systems, shellfish species are often exposed to stressful conditions due to the high stocking density, leading to secondary vibriosis. Surveys undertaken on diseases caused by Vibrio spp. from culture ponds in India recorded the occurrence of five types of diseases: Tail necrosis, shell disease, red disease, loose shell syndrome (LSS), and white gut disease (WGD). Among these LSS,WGD and red disease caused mass mortalities in shrimp culuture ponds.

BIOCARE introduces VIB-C which reduce sludge by Bioaugumentation and bring down the vibrio population by competitive mechanism. VIB-C is an unique combination of aerobic, micro aerophilic and anaerobic micro-organisms to maintain pond in an environmentally balanced condition at the same time compete with vibrio population by producing secondary metabolites such as by Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus polymyxa which are antibacterial.

The microbial cultures in VIB-C are adapted to produce enzymes like proteases celluloses lipases those degrades the organic matter. Simultaneously the bacterial cultures in VIB-C involve in natural nitrification process which converts harmful nitrates and ammonia into nitrites.

Advantages :

The microorganisms in VIB-C compete in growth with Vibrio sp., bringing down Vibrio population due to competitive exclusion.
VIB-C with its specific, non-pathogenic, beneficial microorganisms continuously bio-degrade variety of the accumulated organic load at the pond bottom.
VIB-C Removes the organic load through a continuous mineralization process in a systematic way and release nutrients into the pond environment.
VIB-C also keep the pond clean by digesting organic matter and reducing H2S, NH3and other toxic materials.
VIB-C Inhibits sludge formation at the pond bottom.
VIB-C reduces accumulation of organic load and noxious gases
VIB-C eradicates vibrio species by competitive exclusion
VIB-C optimizes blooming status and improves pond ecology
VIB-C increases shrimp’s resistance
VIB-C helps farmer to maintain pond quality

Dosage :

500 gm per acre Or as directed by the Aqua culture consultant Presentation : 500 gms.

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