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VIB-Con’s Biosecurity Product effective against all pathogenic virus and bacteria.
VIB-Con’s is a mixture of triple salts which attach both physical and chemical
components of pathogens and restrict their multiplication.
VIB-Con’s with its specific, non-pathogenic, beneficial micro organisms
continuosly bio-degrade variety of the accumulated organic load at the pond bottom.
VIB-Con’s Removes the organic load through a continuous mineralization
process in a systematic way and release nutrients into the pond environment
VIB-Con’s canbe used in all types of hatcheries, fish and prawn farms

Composition: A mixture of triple salts
Stroge : Store in cool and dry place
Dosage : 500 gm/Acre
or as advised by an aqua consultant
Direction for use : Mix with water sprinkling Directly
Best before 3 years from the date of manfacturing
Feed Supplement Only

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